Thursday, February 13, 2020


THE PERIOD 18811919 MARKED A FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE IN AMERICAN FORIENG POLICY. EXPLAIN THE CHANGES THAT OCCURRED IN THIS PERIOD. WHY DID THESE CHANGES OCCUR THE - Essay Example They were so diverse that to unite them was very difficult. They engaged in strikes, politics to live better life. The industrialists employed low wage workers from small areas of the country and rest of the world. The low class people also needed some work to earn their living. This made people from various countries to migrate to United States. This migration caused a point of concern for the local skilled worker class. Thus protests were carried out against the migration and foreign policies to make some changes. Thus the worker class was divided into northern European skilled workers and southern and eastern unskilled European workers. This diversification was not only among the worker class but also in the educated service class. The racial difference was set between the white native Americans and the black African Americans. Racism was started among white and black people. Poverty was so increased that women and children were also supposed to work in factories to satisfy the basic needs. In the late nineteenth century a new managerial class evolved. This class comprised of white collar people and army people. The major population of this group was from middle class and basically were those people who work between executives of the company and white collar workers. As new technology introduced typewriters in the offices the office work was increased. Women were given more preference because they work for low wages and also can earn more money in shorter time. The late nineteenth century was the era of progressivism. The progressive movement was based on the concepts of social justice, greater efficiency in government and social control. The people thought that the government should become more active regarding democratic reforms and in protecting laborers. William McKinley was the president at that time. McKinley was the 25th president of United States Of America. To increase the American colonial power he fought Spanish American war. The main point of attraction of progressive movement was cities. Civilized cities was the main aim of progressive movement. The urban population wanted cities to be better and safer place to live. The progressive movement was started from the local government and then moved to the upper level government. Theodore Roosevelt, a young man with a great political experience became 26th president of United States Of America. He was the youngest president with age of forty only. His personality reflected as activist and moralist due to his policies. He won a noble peace prize for negotiating an end to Russo-Japanese war and preserving open door policy in China. The foreign policies like Monoroe doctrine and open door policy were proved to be beneficial for American trade. In late nineteenth

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