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Marketing Strategy of Open Family Australia

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Strategy of Open Family Australia. Answer: Introduction: This assessment consists of identifying the marketing strategy of Open Family Australia and providing adequate recommendations to them. There are various integrated communication mix in the market that will help Open Family Australia to address their potential market. Open Family Australia deals with changing lifestyle of homeless and risky young individuals with proper care and intensive support. Their vision is to provide homeless people to overcome poverty and giving proper expertise to build their future. The organization was founded in Melbourne in 1978. On November 2005, it became a Registered Australian Body with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). The microenvironment of Open Family Australia Consists of the people between the age of 12 and 25, those are detached from the society. More than 65% of the clients of Open Family Australia are old under 18 years of age. The client group is divided in the ratio of 59% of male and 41% of female (King, 2017). Most of the clients of Open Family Australia are those people that face regular family breakdowns and conflicts. These critical issues are adequately addresses by the Open Family Australia organization and provide them with better living conditions. The macro environment consists of the socio economic groups, the government and political aspect of the country. As the most number of clients are young and below the age of 18, it is necessary for the researcher to identify the target market, where there are huge potential of youth populations. The environmental factors related to Open Family Australia are they they have to maintain all the rules and regulations of environment protection act and keep the environment pollution free. The target market of Open Family Australia consists of railway stations, consumer malls, public recreation places and boarding houses. The differentiation strategies of Open Family Australia are to provide their clients with useful skills and support them ment ally to overcome their failures and strengthen their life styles (King, 2017). Open Family Australia also enables their clients to choose their own challenges, very few numbers of rules and regulation, higher level of engagement and interactions and a good sense of accomplishment to their client provides Open Family Australia to gain competitive advantages over their competitors (King, 2017). Promotional Mix Strategies of Open Family Australia: Every organization needs to have effective promotional strategies to make success in their business operation. A product or service does not have a value if they are not communicated clearly in the market place (Kotler et al. 2015). There are various ways to promote a product or service using the promotional mix strategies such as: Advertising: Advertising is a paid form of communication where the organization advertises their product and services to increase awareness among consumers. In the case of Open Family Australia, their focus should be on advertising on those places where the accumulation of young population is much more (Shank and Lyberger 2014). For example, advertising near railway stations, consumer malls, public recreation places and boarding houses with the help of hoardings, brochure and mass media will provide enough awareness and brand recognition for Open Family Australia. The advertisement must also attract the homeless people and should be able to move them towards Open Family Australia. The companys vision and goals must be properly defined in the advertisement that will generate interest among the clients and provide a sense of trust in them. A sound advertising campaign will help the customer to know about all the services provided by the Open Family Australia and they will be able to di fferentiate them from others respectively (Kutay and Ozturk 2013). Public Relation: Public relation is all about creating and developing positive relationship between the media and the organization. It does not only consist of creating an encouraging relationship with the help of publicity but also reducing the negative situations existing in the market place (Ashraf, Rizwan and Khan 2014). To make the organization more sound Open Family Australia can make good public relation in the way of asking donations from people, finding adequate number of sponsors and targeting corporate environments to portray their goals and vision. Merging with other companies will also provide them a competitive advantage and enable them to extend their business. Open Family Australia can take initiatives in delivering healthy meals to homeless people. With proper food packs and nutritional meals, they will be able to touch the emotional segments of their clients and that will lead to a successful public relations campaign. The company must implement campaigns that will provide free groceries and nutritional information to the customers and that will enable them to decide on Open Family Australia programs successfully (Meo et al. 2014). Sales Promotion: Sales Promotion is a technique that is used to gather short-term increase in sale with providing added benefits in their product and services (Meo et al. 2014). In the case of Open Family Australia, as they only provide services to their clients their sales promotion strategies will be to provide new features and experiences according to their clients needs and wants. That may include giving rewards to their clients, providing sense of accomplishment, generating a healthy environment to live and improve their standard of living (Ashraf, Rizwan and Khan 2014). Personal Selling: Personal Selling methods consist of addressing individual clients and providing adequate services to them individually (Salvi, 2013). As Open Family Australia is a charitable organization with the goals and vision to improve the homeless people with improved skill and lifestyle they can offer individual attention to their clients by meeting them one to one and discussing their problems, sharing their griefs and providing them with mental support. Moreover, Open Family Australia must utilize more social media platforms to attract new clients and initiate higher level of interaction with the help of personal selling. Direct Mail: These types of promotional strategies include sending mails and letters to respective individual or organizations (Tuten and Solomen 2014). In the Case of Open Family Australia, they can target the youth market my sending mails and brochures of their charitable institution and generate interest among them. The company must target those areas that consist of youth populations and concentrate on fulfilling their desire. Internet Marketing: Internet marketing is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to promotional strategies. Internet marketing is very necessary to attract young clients as the youth group are basically concentrated with internet activities (Tuten and Solomen 2014). As the main target audience of Open Family Australia is basically youth centric it is very much important to advertise their goals and mission virtually to attain more consumers. Moreover, the youth are always virtually active so it is easy to gather more clients by creating a user-friendly websites that will provide all the necessary information about Open Family Australia and what they do to improve the lifestyles of people and provide safety and security to their clients (Banerjee, Saha and Yadav 2013). Social Media: Social Media marketing is very necessary while promoting a brand it consists of placing the brand attributes socially that will lead to recognition and appreciation of the brand in the social media. Due to Globalization and increase in digital marketing process, most of the companies are initiating social marketing strategies to advertise their expertise in front of a large cluster of audience. For example, Open Family Australia must provide messages on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to keep their clients interested in their organization and make more youth aware of their organization and the expertise that they provide. Open Family Australia should use flash sale strategies in the social media platforms to attain the need of the social media readers (Pauser, Wagner and Ebstar 2016). Sponsorship: Sponsorship is important to sustain the organization in the long run and to increase its operations in the due course of business. Open Family Australia, must use the concept of sponsorship in their worthy cause of the organization. Attracting new corporate sponsors will enable the organization to raise awareness and create sound brand image among a large audience (Banerjee, Saha and Yadav 2013). Open Family Australia must asks for donations in their websites that will help in generating funds for their organization and will create a better workforce to tackle all the challenges of the operations efficiently (Pauser, Wagner and Ebstar 2016). Recommendations: Open Family Australia can increase their brand awareness using the most useful tools that are Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing and Advertising. Social Media is a great platform as more people are coming online and the dominance of the virtual world is gaining potential. Open Family Australia needs to provide proper messages into the social media platforms to attain potential clients. As they are a charitable organization, their vision and missions are needs to display in the messages that can provide a clear and crystal view in fronts of their clients. The internet marketing strategies of Open Family Australia must address in making a social app through which they can monitor and maintain their client needs and ability to provide better services to them. The success to any business strongly depends on the way they advertised themselves in the market place. Open Family Australia must make sound advertisement those are appreciated socially. A good advertisement leads to create an emotional bonding with the customers that provide a sense of trust among them and build good brand reputation. Open Family Australia needs to improve their public transport facilities, proper fares and good advertising on the public transport. They also needs to co-operate between youth service provides in order to gather new potential clients and solve issues that are affecting the life o f the young people in and around Australia. The right promotional strategies along with the right tool of promotion must be chosen to address the need of the clients and market the brand successfully. Open Family Australia, is a progressive organization with a social cause in providing valuable services therefore it is necessary for them to gather information from youth centric service providers in order to select their promotional strategies. Then the promotion must be initiated where there are gathering of large number of peoples for example near shopping malls, railways stations and community halls. Conclusion: This assignment consists of analyzing the promotional tools through which Open Family Australia will be able to address their potential target market. The sole mission of Open Family Australia is to change the lives of homeless people and providing them with long-term support that enables the clients to build a better future for them. To accomplish this goals the organization needs to first identify their target markets, proper segmentation strategies are required to address the need of the potential market. The researcher has identified the market, which is youth centric. As Open Family Australia, primary target is homeless youth those who suffers from drugs or alcoholic problems. The researcher has also critically identified the business environment of Open Family Australia that includes strengths like doing charitable business for a worthy cause. Providing better level of engagement with their clients and giving good sense of accomplishment to them. The opportunities of the organi zations are to utilize more social media platforms to engage different types of clients under their brand name. Increasing the number of volunteers in their organizations, those can target corporate environment to gather clients. The weakness of the Open Family Australia concludes that they are hugely depended on sponsorship and donations. The threat prevailing in this organization is competition from its competitors and the challenges are time consuming for them. To overcome all this challenges Open Family Australia needs to implement successful promotional strategies that will help them in gathering potential clients for their organizations and will create growth opportunities for their charitable endeavor. The internal environment of the company requires improvement that will help them to gain a competitive advantage and potential market share. The only drawbacks of the company are the distance between the understanding level within their volunteers and clients. These issues can be solved by recruiting volunteers from the same age group of the clients. 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